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New Bathroom

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IMG_20140821_081300I called Mercea, the Romanian guy who installed our kitchen counter-tops, and did some other work for us a year or so ago..  He is the hardest working guy in the world, and is a bit of a perfectionist.  Just the kind of person you want doing remodeling for you.

He got here on Thursday morning with his helper, Robert.  First step: the demolition – the fun stuff.  Here he is removing the disgusting shower door and frame.

The house was built in the 1960’s, so the floor is plywood over the joists, then concrete, then metal mesh, then more concrete, then tile.  I remodeled the main bathroom, and it took me about a week to remove the floor and pull the tile and drywall off the walls.  These guys did it in about 6 hours, including two trips to the dump.


Magic!  See that insulation on the outside wall?  It could not have been more than one inch thick at the very best.  Probably less.  And if you look closely, you can see there are many small areas with no insulation over them at all.  Worst insulation I’ve ever seen.  When the guys left, I went to Home Depot, bought some new Owens Corning R-15 insulation and put it up.  That alone should save me about One Million Dollars on my heating bill.  IMG_20140824_093036Sad thing is, that’s what’s around the rest of the house, except the two bathrooms.

By Saturday night, they had the new shower pan built, the Hardy-Backer concrete board around the shower, the new light in the shower, the electrical wiring and boxes moved around, all the inside-wall plumbing done, and the new drywall put up, including the first coat of jointing and taping.  Whew!  If I were doing this, it would now be Halloween…Thanksgiving?

Today he will come by and do the second coat of joint compound. [Update: joint compound still not dry.  He’ll come back later this afternoon.]

Next two weekends will involve floor and wall tiles, grouting, installing and connecting the fixtures, and general tweaking.  Then I paint.

I’ll post pics as it progresses.

I’m at the Beach & You’re Not


Wow! What a gorgeous day! Frannie & I finally got down to the beach about 4:30 in the afternoon. There were quite a few people still hanging out on the beach – more than I’d normally see in the summer at 4:30. The picture above was taken as Frannie & I walked toward the beach from Maryland Ave. The shadow is the Boardwalk Plaza hotel.

Even at 4:30 it was in the high 70’s and there were plenty of of kids swimming in the warm water.

Most of the people were clustered around Rehoboth Ave. This picture is up the beach in the other direction toward the north where there were fewer people, and several kites…that look much tinier in this picture than I remember.

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