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We’re All Beatles

Laugh dammit, it's funny!The Jerk Store Called

Here’s something that gave me great joy about 25 years ago. I was a Trademark attorney in the USPTO and was assigned to review this two inch thick file that dated back to the middle of the Reagan administration.  Turns out it was a Trademark application for the trademark “The Beatles,” owned by Apple Corps. Ltd.  Apparently, prosecution of the application had been suspended pending the McCartney vs. JohnGeorgeRingo litigation that went on for most of the ’70’s and 80’s.  But it was over at last, and Apple Corps. could finally have their Trademark to sell “Beatles” branded clocks, Christmas tree ornaments, whatever.  The picture above is the resulting US Trademark Registration that is still in effect.  Check out the name at the bottom of the Registration. I’m pretty sure you’d all agree that this means that I am, in fact, an official Beatle. Right? I mean, I don’t see any other way to read it.

Larry Willmore’s Premier “Nightly Show”

Laugh dammit, it's funny!

Larry Willmore, the Daily Show’s “senior black correspondent,” took over Stephen Colbert’s time slot and had an impressive premier yesterday on his new show.  Here’s the monologue:

UPDATE: Sorry. I guess not so impressive. The show is cancelled, and the video is gone.

Mike Tyson does Herman Cain

Bawndo! It's what plants craveClown shoesLaugh dammit, it's funny!

Who knew that Mike Tyson was funny?

“Because The Tea Party loves Crazy more than they hate Blacks.” Now that’s pretty funny.

It is election day after all, albeit an off, off year election.  But on the day that the “Screw the Middle Class Act” was defeated in Ohio, and the “Every Sperm is Sacred Act” was defeated in Mississippi, what could be better than a Mike Tyson video?



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