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Oh yeah. This thing

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I’ve completely forgotten about this blog. Looks like it’s been about 10 months since posted anything. Oh, the things you have missed. We laughed, we cried. So, I guess I’ll fire it up again…as soon as I think of something to write. In the meantime, here’s Cody’s Showdy, AKA Some More News. He’s always great.

“Leave a Reply” Fixed

About This BlogBawndo! It's what plants crave

Gabe just informed me that the comments to the posts are not working.  How long has this been going on?  I noticed that there haven’t been any comments for over a week.  I just assumed it was because my posts suck, and you are all lazy and easily distracted.  But it turns out the comments were broken, which doesn’t preclude any of those things from being true, but at least there is another reason.  Anyway, I think I fixed it.

Hello world!

About This Blog

Welcome to the exciting new “Sussmans”  website.  The old site was looking so 1995.  Now it sports a hot, new 2002 look and feel!  Nice!  I wanted to use a modern CMS (content management system) like Joomla, but I’m way too lazy and stupid overworked and busy to do that.  This WordPress Blog is easy to use and it looks okay.  And it displays a random picture every time you open it.  That’s cool, right?   It also allows you to comment on the dumb things I say.  So fill up the comments with your wisdom or it will just fill up with spam.  Let me know how you like it & how it could be improved.  Or, if you really hate it, here’s the old site.


To display your local weather, click on the 3 short lines at the top right of the widget. Delete “Washington D.C.,” and start typing the name of your nearest fairly large city. When the correct city appears in the drop down list, select it.  Wait for the Page to reload, and there’s your weather. The page should remember your city.

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