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I’ve completely forgotten about this blog. Looks like it’s been about 10 months since posted anything. Oh, the things you have missed. We laughed, we cried. So, I guess I’ll fire it up again…as soon as I think of something to write. In the meantime, here’s Cody’s Showdy, AKA Some More News. He’s always great.

Two Years of Posts – Gone!

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ralphwiggumMy webhost, Webhostingpad (the Ralph Wiggum of webhosts), cancelled my account and deleted my files based on a request from someone with a different name and a different email address than mine because, why not?   And did they send a notice of this to the official email address they have on file for me.  Ha ha.  They sent it to the  person who made the request.  Hilarious!

When I finally got it straightened out, the best they could do was put the website back the way it was in 2011 because that was the last time they backed it up.

They explained to me that once the website grows over a certain size they stop backing it up, and I should have known that because it was in that one million word listing of terms I agreed to when I signed on and clicked “OK.”  Do they tell you they are going to stop backing up?  Of course not.    God I hate them.  So,  All of the posts and your brilliant comments for the last 2 years are now gone…like tears…in the rain (Blade Runner reference).  Well, lots to do –  I gotta go.


Red Velvet

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Sorry, forgot to post for a couple days. I know you’re clicking the page all day long hoping for a post.  And I disappointed you.  Again.  Well, dry those tears, here’s something boring and banal!  At last!

Amanda invited John over for dinner. Gabe, Erin and Julian were supposed to come over, but Gabe isn’t feeling well, so they stayed home. Too bad – their loss. Amanda wanted a chuck roast, natch’. So we had that, potatoes and gravy, and those garlic beans everyone seems to like. And a red velvet cake. Yum!  Good food and interesting conversation – a good night.

Oh, on a humorous note, while I was making the gravy, I unscrewed the pepper cap on one of those huge Costco bottles of pepper and, funny thing, someone had removed the plastic strainer from the bottle so I dumped about a pound of pepper into the gravy.  HA!  It’s funny because it didn’t happen to you!  So we had powdered gravy mix instead.  Delicious!

Last time we had the beans, Erin wanted the recipe, so here you go:

1# green beans – French style are nice
3 tablespoons or so soy sauce
1 tablespoon or so balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar or Splenda
2 tablespoons or so sesame oil
2 teaspoons of crushed garlic

Steam the beans until tender, but not too soft. Cook the garlic for a minute or so in the sesame oil. Mix up the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar and dump that in with the oil and garlic, then add the beans amd mix them up so that they are coated with the sauce. Eat the beans.


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