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For over 10 years, Brenda and I spent the majority of our weekends at Amanda’s soccer games.  When she graduated from high school, she stopped playing, so no more soccer games for us.

But she’s playing again, this time on a co-ed team.  The team is very good.  They made it into the playoffs, won all their games, and last night they had their “Super-Bowl.”  Brenda, Gabe, Julian and I went to cheer her on (and by “cheer her on,” I mean of course,  “embarrass her”) .  It was the first time I’d seen Amanda play since she was in high school.  The level of play is very high.  The combination of of the guys’ speed and power, and the finesse of the girls is fun to watch.  The teams were tied at the end of the game, so it came down to a shoot-out.  Sadly, Amanda’s team came up short and the other team won the game.  Stupid shoot-out!

I have no pictures of the game, but I do have these 9 year-old pictures of Amanda playing soccer.  And that’s pretty much the same thing, right?




I was putting hoses away this morning when I tripped and fell on a rock.  I probably bruised…no, fractured…no, wait, broke…yes, that’s it, I broke a rib.  The bone fragment is probably sticking out of my back where I can’t see it.  Consequently, I was forced to sit in a La-Z-Boy chair all day watching football…for medical reasons.  You understand.

I see where the mighty Lions had their most lopsided regular-season win in franchise history.  They beat the KC Chiefs 48-3. The last time the Lions won the NFL championship game was 1957.  I was 6.  They have never played in a Super Bowl.  This is the Lions’ year.  Go Lions!

It appears that my local sporting franchise also performed in a tournament  today.  The Washington Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals by one point.  They went ahead with a minute and a half left to play, causing me to stop yelling at my TV.  The Redskins outplayed the Cardinals in all aspects of the game, and should have had a game similar to that of the Lions, and probably would have if they had a quarterback who didn’t throw 2 interceptions and have countless tipped passes.  Just sayin’…



Brenda and I saw Marshall Crenshaw last night at what appeared to be a sold-out show at the Birchmere in Alexandria. It was part of the “30th anniversary” tour, that is, the 30th anniversary of the release of “Something’s Gonna Happen” on Shake Records – not the album;  that 30th anniversary will be in 2 years.

The show started out with St. Louis band, the Bottle Rockets playing a semi-acoustic set due to their guitar player being home with his wife who is having a baby.  Then, they plugged in and joined Marshall for an electric set.  I thought the show was terrific.   They started out with “There She Goes Again,” followed by “Cynical Girl,” and bang, bang, bang, one great song after another.   They played a couple songs off of Jaggedland, which I love and think is one of earth’s most under-appreciated records.  They played 3 covers. Richard Thompson’s “Valerie,” “Crying, Waiting, Hoping,” and during the encore, “Rave On” – you just can’t go wrong with Buddy Holly, now can you?  After the show, Brenda and I stopped by the stage door & talked to a very sweaty but friendly Marshall for a few minutes.  It was great to talk to him again, and it was a great evening – thanks for the birthday present Brenda!

Here’s Marshall and the Bottle Rockets playing “Valerie.”

El Tigres


Detroit TigersI’m looking at the little model of Tiger Stadium sitting on my desk that Paul Fahrenkopf gave me.  As of today, the Tigers are #1 in their division.  The White Sox are #2 and 13 games back.  Nice!  Last time the Tigers played in the venerable old Tiger Stadium it was 1999, and they ended that year in the middle of the pack.  Things look much better this year.

Ty Murray sent me this link to aerial photos of the destruction of Tiger Stadium 2008-2009.  Very cool.  Sad, but cool.  Have a look.

Happy Birthday Brian!


Happy Birthday Brian!
[UPDATE] Dad here.  I tried to find a video of Buddy Holly singing Happy Birthday, but apparently, TV hadn’t been invented yet.  So here are the Beatles wishing you a Happy Birthday – hope you have a great one!

Hello world!

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